My First YouTube Paycheck: How much money I made on YouTube in 1 month

I received my first YouTube paycheck but it might not be the way that you think.

So in this YouTube video, I’m sharing what happens when you first get monetized, how you can understand your revenue analytics, how Google Adsense works with YouTube revenue, and of course, exactly how much money I made with my first YouTube paycheck!

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Cathrin (Cath) creates content that encourages bloggers & online entrepreneurs to be themselves, chase their passion, and create their success online. 1 year after started her blog (, Cath left her full-time position working in the digital marketing industry to pursue her dreams of being her own boss. In weekly blog posts, sporadic YouTube videos, and constant talking on Instagram stories, Cath hopes to spread her story and be an inspiration to others who desperately want to change their lives.

Want to make money on YouTube? First, you need to reach the minimum monetization requirements, then you need to get approved to be monetized. And once that's done, you can start making money with YouTube! But how much money do small YouTubers make? Today I want to share how much money I made with my first YouTube paycheck with only 2,000 subscribers.