The Best Books I Read In 2018

I’m obsessed with books!

Especially self-help, personal development, business, and entrepreneurship books.

But that’s nothing new to you guys.

When 2018 started, I was reading about 3 to 4 books a month. But since about June, I started to slow down on my reading and now I’m averaging a book a month.

I feel like each year my interests and focus changes with the books that I read.

One year it was all about discovering myself, uncovering my power, and learning more about the Universe. Then it moved to learning more about entrepreneur’s journies and stories.

For 2019, I already have books lined up that all have to deal with breaking through limiting beliefs!

But before we jump to 2019, here are my top 5 books I read in 2018.


If you have a Barnes and Noble near you, I highly recommend that you go and check it out to see if they have a sales annex! That’s where I get almost all of my books to help me save a little money.

Let me know in the comments section what your favorite books were in 2018!

And I’ll see you back here soon.

XO, Cath

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If you love self-help books, then you need to read these! In 2018, I read several personal development books and entrepreneurship books and I've boiled it down to the top 5 books that I would recommend to you! These books can be found on Amazon, at Target, or at your local bookstore.